Being Fierce

The natural aspect of the moment, after armies have been placed and directed becomes a practical matter for those in the field. Warriors must then be of one mind, defeating the enemy. In achieving this warriors must become fierce. In times when blood washes blood it becomes all important.

To achieve this state of Being, firstly one must be resolute in the giving up of ones life,feeling as though one is already dead. Being unattached to life or death. These attributes will propel a warrior onward, forcefully and with courage.

The correct application of Doctrine, Strategy, and Tactics by Rulers and commanders depends the stability of the force, its well being, and the moral of the men. Without proper planning and adept execution there can be no victory.

Once the battle has been joined never be content as a warrior to be less than an Elite fighter. This Elite persona gives inspiration to the larger force and will infect them with bravery. This can have a multiplying effect on overall operations , as has been seen in history.

Battles and wars cannot be won by defense alone. Defense may play a part in doctrine overall , as well as strategy, and at times in tactical considerations , but in the end victory can only be won through offensive action.

When the time comes a warrior should attack with absolute abandon, this naturally Being part of his persona. If this is not deeply rooted within a warriors Being one may forget at times, this is not authentic . This becomes negligence. Negligence is an extreme thing.

To die a dogs death and not attain onesends, to live after not achieving onesends in the end is cowardice.

Fierceness comes from a deep resolution that is born of the way of the Samurai, which is cloaked in death. To live life without regret, fearlessly doing what is needed to be done. Strength and bravery come from this. A warrior must have a true mind, clear and uncomplicated , for considering such things as how many men the enemy has, or is it possible to advance, time goes by and you will be slow or deterred from the attack. No matter if the enemy has thousands of men, there is fulfillment in simply standing them off, and being determined to cut them all down, you may well finish the better part of it. Even if it means forcing your way into their ranks , one against all.

A great warrior follows orders, but also has the ability to act indiscriminately and on his own. For when the moment comes there will be no time for reasoning. Not knowing what the future holds means that a warriors pre resolution concerning this must be a cornerstone of his temperament.

Victory and defeat is always dependent on a multitude of factors, including the temporary force of circumstances . Warriors should not think of victory or defeat , but plunge headlong into the battle with an unflinching ferocity, and if on the battlefield one wills himself to outstrip a powerful enemy or group of enemies , he will grow indefatigable and Fierce of Heart, and will manifest courage.


Common sense will not accomplish great things, one must become insane and desperate . A warrior must not say something fainthearted, even casually, he should set his mind to this beforehand. A stalwart warrior will not let others take the lead, but will have the sole intention of breaking into the enemy lines. In doing this he will never fall behind. He will become fierce and manifest martial valor. Lord Aki once said that martial valor is a matter of becoming a Fanatic .

According to the Elders of the Japanese Shogunate . In an attack a warrior should mark an enemy or group of enemies . Taking an enemy on the battlefield is like a hawk takes a bird. Even though it enters into the midst of a thousand of them, it gives no attention to any bird , other than the one that it had first marked. Moreover what a Kazuki no Kubi is, is a head that one has taken after making the declaration . I will take that warrior wearing such and such armor .

In the notes on MArtialLAWS it is written the phrase ,. Win First, Fight later. This is the Ideal of winning beforehand. The resources of times of peace are the military preparations for times of war. With five hundred allies one can defeat an enemy force of ten thousand. These preparations are the sole responsibility of Rulers and commanders.

When advancing on the enemy and then pulling back, don’t retreat on the main road, but on the side roads. It is a matter of course that a warriors attitude should be to be in the vanguard during an attack, and in the rear during a retreat. A saying goes , No matter what the circumstances might be , one should be holding the first weapon to strike. Even though you have put your life on the line, there is nothing to be done when the situation does not go as planned.

Something exists within a true warriors Being, deep and personal , a mystical place , unchanging , a reservoir of Resolve and Strength . This power cannot be received from others or given to others.

A story by Murkama illustrates this principle perfectly . In the secret principles of Yagyu Tajima no kami Mununori there is this saying, There are no military tactics for a man of strength. In regards to this there was once a certain vassal of the Shogun who came to master Yagyu to become a disciple . The Master said You seem to be a man who is very accomplished in some school of martial arts, let me make the master disciple contract after I learn the name of the school. The man replied that he had never practiced one of the martial arts. Master Yagyu replied , Have you come to make sport of Tajima no Kami. Is my perception amiss in thinking that you are a teacher to the Shogun. But the man swore to it , and the Master said, that being so, do you not have some deep conviction. The man replied , when I was a child, I once became suddenly aware that a warrior is a man that does not hold his life in REGRET, and I have no thought of death, other than being unattached to life or death, since I have held that in my heart for many years, it has become a deep conviction. Master Yagyu was deeply impressed . My perceptions were not in the least bit awry. The deepest principles of my military tactics is just that one thing. Up until now , among all of the many hundreds of disciples I have had, there is not one who is licensed in this deepest principle . It is not necessary to take up the wooden sword . I will initiate you right now . It is said that he promptly handed over the signed scroll. This principle is a fundamental part of a warriors Being.

From just refusing to retreat from something , one gains the strength of two men..


Stamp quickly and pass through a wall of Iron, to quickly break in and stamp through directly is the first step in celerity.

For a warrior the end of things is important. As Usuda Ukuo said about offering up the last wine cup, . Only the end of things is important, ones whole life should be like that.

Empty handed we come , Empty handed we go

A certain warrior noted , Live without REGRET , Die without REGRET.


In Zen the Sense of self hinders true freedom, fixated by self as a distinct entity , we separate ourselves from our environment and others. Ego and selfishness are the bi products. The self on one side, the world and Universe on the other. The ego and the untrue complicated mind work together to conjure up and maintain this apparition of ego. Evil springs from falsehood . Return to the ancient Tao, stick with what is natural.

‘‘ Feeling deeply the difference between oneself and othere’s, bearing ill will , and falling out with people, these things come from a heart that lacks compassion.’’. This is egotistical and leads to Evil.

‘‘ If you wrap up everything with a heart of compassion there will be no coming into conflict with people.’’. By keeping one with the way evil cannot thrive.

‘‘ Because we do things using our own sagacity , we become self interested , turn our backs on reason, and things do not turn out well. When one is not capable of true intelligence it is best to consult with someone of good sense . An adviser will fulfill this when the adviser makes a decision by selfless and frank intelligence, and because he is not personally envolved , matters should turn out well.

‘‘ We learn about the sayings and deeds of the men of old in order to Intrust oneself to their wisdom and prevent selfishness.’’

If you are too mindful you will be slow. The complicated mind and the ego are comparable . When we through off our own bias, follow the sayings of the ancients , and confer with other people, all things should go without mishap.

Today people who are called clever, intellectuals , pundits and the like only deceive others, for that reason they are inferior to dull. Whited folk. A dull whited person is direct. If one looks deeply into his heart there will be no hidden places. The last line of the poem that goes ‘‘ When your own heart asks’’. This is a good examiner. One should be of the mind that, meeting this examiner one should not be embarrassed .

‘‘ If one does not get it into his head from the beginning that the world is full of unseemly situations he will not be prepared. One should be resolved beforehand to deal with them without vexation. Correctness is important, for example,in a persons manners . Their way of speaking, the way they carry themselves, their appearance . Today as with the Samurai of old these traits were respected and admired.

‘‘ During happy times pride and extravagance are dangerous . If one is not prudent during ordinary times, he may advance during good times, but will falter during the bad. The right and wrong way of doing things is foundational . With a strong foundation a person will not be pained by changes in minor details or affairs that are not within expectations .but in the end the details of a matter are important . The Right and Wrong of ones way of doing things are found in trivial matters.’’

‘‘ A person who knows but a little will put on an air of knowledge . This is a matter of inexperience . When someone knows something well , it will not be seen in their manner. This person is Genteel .‘’.

Cleverness cannot accomplish great things. One must take a broader view. It will not do to make rash judgements concerning ‘‘. Good and Evil ‘’. In this regard, though, a Samurai must make his decisions quickly and break right through to completion.

In the BOOK OF CHANGES or I CHING , if one divinesgood fortune , and yet does evil it will become bad fortune., and although bad fortune is divined , if one does good it will become good fortune..


By setting myself to the task for many years, and in the end learning Change , I should make no mistakes. It’s not a matter of learning the I CHING , it means that by studying the essence of CHANGE , and conducting oneself for many years in the way of good, one should make no mistakes.

Heaven and Earth are impartial. They see the ten thousand things as straw dogs. The wise are impartial, they see the people as straw dogs. That which goes against the Tao , comes to an early end. Surrender yourself humbly, then you can be trusted to care for all things, love the world as you would your own self, then you can truly care for all things. See the simplicity. Realize ones true nature. Cast off selfishness. Temper desire

A truly great man dwells on what is real not what is on the surface .

The Sage has no mind of his own , he is aware of the needs of others. He is good to those who are good, He is aso good to those who are not good. Because virtue is goodness.

Créate without claiming. Do without taking credit. Guiding without interfering This is primal virtue.

Who knows what the future holds, honesty becomes dishonest, goodness becomes witchcraft , Man’s bewilderment lasts for a long time. The Sage never tries to store things up. The more he does for others the more he has. The more he gives to others the more his abundance. The tao of heaven is pointed, but does not harm. The way of the Sage is to work without effort. By doing nothing, everything is done, and nothing is left undone. Not Doing, or working without doing is little understood .

Being guided by Ego , Passion, and Selfishness how can one achieve freedom , oneness with the Way, and thwart Evil.

Fiodor Dostoyevsky , in many ways the soul of Russian literature.,wrote about real life as he knew it, relying on his own experience. Detailing a scene , often with topographical precision. In his novel ‘ The House of the Dead’’ , The hard labor and drudgery of life as a convict. The fatal strength of passion that can destroy a persons life, and the mysterious phenomena of Good and Evil which is so intwined in human nature. Russians were overwhelmed by this book.Soon after publication of this book , his wife and brother died in quick succession . The responsibility of supporting his brothers family soon drove him to poverty. Hr was desperate, living from hand to mouth, even pawning his cloths to survive. He began to write again. Out of desperation was born ‘‘ Crime and Punishment’’. The novel was a psychological study about people like himself, lonely,poor, unhappy outcasts in a large city. Along with an account of a murder, which is central to the story . His hero Raskoinikov , having been expelled from university, decides to solve his problems by robbing and killing an old lady, a money lender. He commits the crime as a philosophical experiment. He reflects , it was not the money I wanted, I needed to know something else , I needed to know, I needed to know if I was a man or a mere insect. I needed to know if I could take the money, weather I was an insect or not. When Raskoinikov leaves the old women’s house, he’s thinking ‘ I didn’t kill the old women, I killed myself,the old women was killed by the Devil, not by me. Raskoinikov is tortured and depressed with fear and loneliness by his dreadful secret and the knowledge that he has made a terrible mistake. He goes to the police station to make a confession. Gods truth has overwhelmed him. His next novel ‘ Gambler’’ was a story about evil passions that drained the life blood out of a person, leaving them empty. In his last novel ‘ The Brothers Karamazov , he returned to the theme of good and evil and the desintegración of family life, and disharmony in society. Using actual locations and people that he knew within the structure of the novel. The summer house where Dimiri Karamazov gave his famous monologue the mystery of good and evil itself. The wine bar , where Ivan Karamazov argued with the Devil about the impossibility of a harmonious world. Still Dostoyevsky was enlightened by the phenomena of selfless love.

BU the chinese character is composed of the radicals for ‘ Stop’’ and ‘ Spear’’. The definition being subduing the weapon and so stopping the spear. Providing peace and harmony. The second character SHI. Warrior , gentleman, well armed, well educated, accomplished,guardian of peace and harmony. The last character DO, BUSHIDO. The Way of the Samurai, and ancient Chinese warrior gentleman. Samurai, meaning service, service to humanity.

Never be outdone as a Samurai. Be of good use to the world. Be filial to ones parents. Remember ones ancestors Manifest great compassion. Beginning with family act for the sake of the world.

If every morning one dedicates these efforts to the heavens , he will gain the strength of two men, and will never slip backwards. One must inch forward like the inchworm, bit by bit. The Gods and Buddhas , too, started with a vow.

The way

Sincerity is the ‘‘ way of Heaven’’ to make oneself sincere is the way of man. The Hagakure itself is the way of absolute sincerity.

With the introduction of Zen to Japan, Samurai and warriors alike were attracted to it for its simplicity and lack of ceremony and discourse, with an emphasis on self reliance and self discipline , also Muga, non existence of the Self. For without the self how can there be Ego. Without Ego , how can there be separation.Each a drop, all part of the great Ocean.

Samurai remove the illusion of Ego, which is fed by memory, culture,and the five senses, by becoming dead through the inevitability of death, hence the phrase ‘‘ the Way of the Samurai is in death’’. For others the illusion of Ego may be removed by the discipline of meditation or ZAZEN. To achieve this one needs self discipline and concentration with a strong resolve.when the Ego no longer exists one has achieved what Zen calls ‘‘ DAISHE’’. The Great Death. One has become free.

The Zen poem that goes

The blue mountains from the beginning do not move. The white clouds of themselves come and go

‘‘ The Way’’ composed by the radicals for movement and head, indicating movement governed by intelligence . In Aikido ‘‘ The Great Way of Sincerity completes the self. The Way leads one on of its own accord. With sincerity all things are completed and Harmony is achieved . Enlightenment comes from sincerity and sincerity comes from enlightenment. Perfection also comes from Sincerity and correctness . Mysticism in all forms from poetry to shamanism helps us navigate the mystery. Writers Artists , Philosophers , Mystics and Healers lead the way.

In the world today Russia is unique . Physically straddling the East and the West, while being culturally part of both worlds. Since time immemorial the east and west have been separated by mountains seas and great distances. This has facilitated their cultural separation .this is why you find a fundamental difference between the two in thought religion and philosophy.Russian writers being part of both worlds realized this difference . Fiodor Dostoyevsky recalled how ‘‘ I had wanted to write a story about a strong beautiful man, but I am reluctant to put pen to paper, to make people understand , because neither civilized Europe or my country know what that Ideal of beauty is! En stead he decided to write a nineteenth century version of Don Quixote entitled ‘‘ The Idiot’’. So named because in the ‘‘ West’’ a selfless man is considered ‘‘ Mad’’. The tragedy lies in the fact that. Don Quixote eventually went Mad because of his convictions.

In Chekhov’s the ‘‘ Cherry Orchard’’ this isolation from eastern thought is evident. His characters live in a dream world,an enclosed world, where materially their world is collapsing around them, yet t5hey hold on to their ideas and hopes for a better life. The tragedy is that they don’t know the way there. In not dealing with ones problems one cannot achieve ones ends.the nature of your character the sanctity of your soul. Believe in yourself only, live by your own work, that’s what freedom is. There will always be a solution, stay positive. Stay with the way

Lao Tzu

Stay with the ancient Tao Move with the present. Knowing the ancient beginning I’s the essence of Tao. The way of Nature is unchanging. Knowing constancy is insight. Not knowing constancy Leeds to disaster. Knowing constancy the mind is open. With an open mind you will be open hearted Being open hearted you will act royally Being Royal you will attain the devine Being Devine you will be one with the Tao Being one with the Tao is eternal. And though the body dies the Tao will not pass away.

Something mysteriously formed ,born before heaven and earth. In the silence and the void. Standing alone and unchanging. Ever present and in motion. Perhaps it is the mother of all things. I do not know its name. Call it Tao . For lack of a better word I call it great. Being great it floes . It flows far away. Having gone far away it returns. Therefore Tao is great. Heaven is great. Earth is great. The king is also great. These are the four great powers in the Universe and the King is one of them. Man follows the earth. Earth follows Heaven. Heaven follows the Tao . Tao follows what is Natural.

Chekhov wrote ‘‘ Try to understand a story about a young man, the son of a servant, a former shop assistant, a member of the church choir . A student indoctrinated into worshiping other peoples ideas. Hypocritical in the sight of God and Man, without understanding just why on earth he was living this way, with the realization of just how miserable he was in doing so. Write a story of this young man, how he tries his best to no longer be a slave, and how he feels now that there is red blood flowing in his veins, instead of that tainted by his old servitude. Leo Tolstoy , the great seeker of truth , said about him ‘‘ Chekhov is always sincere’’.This Sincerity imparted truth and bridged the gap between East and West. True greatness is universal. He achieved that without using reason or logic, but with what is natural.His wife Olga Kenipa wrote about him’’ People who didn’t know him just liked him and were desperate to meet him, when I asked them why they had been so keen to see him, they replied, just to sit beside him for a few moments made you feel like a new man’’.

Live by the Great Way, Rule by the Great Way . When men lack a sense of Awe there will be disaster

Do not intrude in their homes. Do not harass them at work. If you do not interfere they will not grow weary of you. Therefore the Sage knows himself but makes no show. Has self respect but is not arrogant. He lets go of that and chooses this. The way of heaven is to take from those who have too much and give to those who do not have enough. Mans way is different , he takes from those who do not have enough and gives to those who already have too much. Caring for others is the way of heaven.’‘ In caring for others and serving heaven there is nothing like using restraint . Restraint begins by giving up your own ideas. This depends on virtue gathered in the past. If there is a good store of virtue then nothing is impossible. If nothing is impossible then there are no limits , if a man knows no limits he is fit to be a Ruler. The mother principle of ruling holds good for a long time, this is called having deep roots and a firm foundation. The Tao of long life and eternal vision.

From the Tao ; Rule a nation with justice. The more laws there are The poorer people become. The sharper men’s weapons. The more trouble in the land The more ingenious and clever men are. The more strange things happen. The more rules and regulations. The more thieves and robbers

In the Brothers karamazov Dostoyevsky eludes to an erosion in society,an erosion of values. Writing about the decay of family relationships, moral degradation and the distressing life of the poor. His heroes and stories exist within an unjust society that imposes upon us the idea that there is no justice in the world.

Today humanity is rushing headlong into a confrontation with itself . Age old problems are bearing fruit. Old grievances , along with new aspirations are driving a new dynamic in the world.. two worlds East and West are colliding. A clash of ways and wills. Luck and karma will decide the outcome of the struggle.all houses in time fall. With the end of one Age and the beginning of another change profound is the rule. Today, more than ever vigilance and self reliance are important attributes.This great schism between East andWest is an ominous warning

From the Hagakure ; ‘‘ people with intelligence will use it to fashion things both true and false and will try to push through whatever they want with their clever reasoning , this is injury by intelligence. Nothing you do will have any effect if you do not use truth.

With the world in disarray , as it is today, its best to be flexible and clear headed , able to make quick decisions that are successful . Die to your Ego. Know that you are nothing but everything,one with everything. Live in the moment, be sincere. Have a true simple mind, without complication. Return to the center.

A Chinese proverb

A conversation with a wise person is worth ten years reading books

A Japanese poem

The life of a man Burn it in the fire. The life of an insect. Throw it in the fire. When you realize. The world is dark. Life is just a dream. Lose yourself.


‘‘ Good Luck Man’’, was a Mystic, Herbalist, warrior , adviser to generals, teacher and healer. He was born in wan Quiyang county, Szechuan Provence in the year 1677. Literate and energetic at an early age, he was to meet several itinerant herbalists when he was thirteen years old. Impressed by them to the extent that he decided to leave family and village to journey with them on a quest for herbs, a quest that was to last for a lifetime. His travels as a young herbalist led him to such far away places as Manchuria and Tibet. He traveled toGansha, Shanxi, even traveling to Viet Nam and Thailand. This personal gathering of herbs was to last for another eighty five years.

Li. Ching. Yuen , a great master herbalist and healer had many sides. Mystic and Philosopher, warrior and teacher. In his youth he traveled widely, gathering medicinal herbs and meeting with people. His simple and natural Taoist , even Shinto philosophy embodied the spirit of his teachings; ‘‘ keep a calm heart, Sit like a tortoise, Walk sprightly like a pigeon, Sleep like a dog’’.

His mystic practices such as BAGNAZHANG and DIGONG. Movement, breathing , sound, along with herbs that could impede the ravages of old age formed the foundations for his longevity practices. Li stressed thathis longevity was largely due to herbs and diet , and to his Performing these exercises everyday, regularly , correctly, with sincerity, for one hundred and twenty years.

The diet of Li consisted of Goji berries, wild Ginseng, He Shou Wu, Gota Kola, Sake,Lensi mushrooms, Reishi mushrooms, and many other mushrooms. Li was known to eat three large bowls of rice at a sitting, and Sake was his preferred drink. Everyday he would chew a piece of Ginseng root for one to two hours. ‘‘ Ren Chen tones and boosts the vital Q energy, increasing physical endurance, and resistance to environmental hardships . An aid in the prevention of desease, and bodily disintegration. Li‘s method was to chew a sliced portion of the Ginseng root.

Li Ching Yuen created an Elixir to aid in longevity.
He called it. ‘‘ SPRING WINE.’’ It consists of fourteen ingredients ; 1. Velvet of deer antler 25 gr. 2. Deer horn glue 25 gr. 3. Donkey hide glue 25 gr. 4. Chinese Angelica root 10 gr. 5. Chinese Fox Glove 25 gr. 6. Astragalus 12 gr. 7. Ren Shen —- Ginseng. 4 gr. 8. Privet fruit 10 gr. 9. Chinese Raspberry 4 gr. 10. Gougzi—- Goji berries 10 gr. 11. Mai Wa—- Sea Horse. Dried 10 gr. 12. Syo Wang — fresh stem of Cenomorium 10 gr. 13. Ge Jie — one piece of dried Gecko. 1gr. 14. Human Placinta 10 gr . These ingredients are to be soaked in a fine brandy or excellent vodka for a period of one year. Dosages are one small drink in the morning, slightly more in winter , less in summer.

Li Ching Yuen was a disciplined warrior of renown . At fifty one he entered military service. In 1748 when he was seventy one , he had risen to become tactical and topographical adviser to the Army of Gen. Yu Zhongai in Hsien. He finally retired from the army in 1755 after fighting in the battle of ‘‘ Golden River’ Li had a long relationship with generals and war lords.

One of Li Ching Yuen’s disciples Tayquon Master Da Liu recounted a story that the master had told him as a youth, when his master was one hundred and thirty years old. While traveling in the mountains Li had encountered a much older Hermit , who had revealed to him the secret of Baguazhong , and Digong practice to renew and maintain life force. Li Ching Yuen had between one hundred and eighty to two hundred offspring spanning 11 generations. He was to outlive 22 of his 23 wives.

‘‘ Good Luck Man ‘’ was constantly being sought after by those who wished to learn his secrets. He shunned public life, and felt that fame and worldly fortune would lead to an early death. Although he was given official congratulations on his 150 th birthday in 1827 by Emperor Daogu Angi , and again on his 200th birthday, by the Emperor Guang Xu in 1877, he continued to avoid public attention .

In 1908 Li and his disciple Yang Hexuan published a book, entitled ‘‘ THE SECRET OF LI QUING YUN’S IMMORTALITY’’. In 1920 General Xiong Yanghe interviewed Li at his invitation . It so happened that the two men were of the same village, Chingiachang.,Szechuan Provence . An article on the interview was published byNanjing university that same year. In 1926 the warlord Wu Peifu invited Li to Beijing , coinciding with an invitation to teach at Beijing university. In 1927 ‘’ good Luck Man’’ , arrived at Nauxian, the headquarters of Gen. Yang Sen, a powerful general under Generalísimo Ghiang Kai Shek. Gen. Sen was eager to learn his secrets, youthfulness , strength, and sexual prowess . The general wrote a biography of LI ‘‘ A factual account of the 250 year old man, ‘‘ Good Luck Man’’. After attending a banquet held in his honor in may 1933 ,he told his friends I have completed all that I have to do on this earth ,now I’m going home. He was said to have leaned back with a smile , and was gone . Mystic and Healer, a giver of great secrets. We should be grateful for his concern.

Lord Leyasu always said ‘’ I envite you to taste the Inexhaustible ‘’. A certain warrior noted ‘‘ To taste the inexhaustible is like touching Immortality ‘’ .‘‘ Not to borrow the strength of another, not to rely on ones own strength ,to cut off all past and future thoughts , and not to live within the everyday mind,,,,,,,, then the great way is right before your eyes’’. In all great undertakings struggle is there, effort heaped upon effort. Shioa kicim Osuke said , A mans life should be as toilsome as possible.

Patience is close to success .’’ By being impatient matters are damaged and great works cannot be done. If one considers something not to be a matter of time,it will be done surprisingly. Quickly. Times change, think about the world 15 years from now. It will be rather different. In 15 years most all of the useful men will be gone, and even if men who are young today come forth probably less than half will make it. With these changing times, and the wainingof mans capabilities , one would be of suitable worth even if he put forth only slight effort. But at this time, when the world is sliding into decline, to excel is easy. ‘’ Something like 15 years is likethe space of a dream. If a person but takes care of their health in the end they will have accomplished their purpose, and will be a valuable person.

If in ones heart He follows the path of sincerity, Though he does not pray. Will not the Gods protect him. . As everything in the world is a Sham. . Death is the only sincerity


Koruga Nagamasa noted that ‘‘ The art of peace and the art of war are like the two wheels of a cart, which lacking one will have difficulty in standing. Myamoto Mushashi ,Japans most famous swordsman also excelled in painting , sculpture , garden design , metallurgy , and writing . The Hagakure dictated by a man who was at once warrior and poet, epitomizes this ideal. The ideal of Confucius , courage, loyalty , and sincerity was adopted by the Japanese Samurai by the twelfth century. Japanese warriors as well as ancient Chinese warrior class were considered as gentlemen. ` The ways of the gentleman are three. In humanity he has no anxieties. In wisdom he has no confusion. And in courage he has no fears.’’ Without anxiety , confusion and fear, when he looks into himself he will find nothing vexatious . For a Samurai loyalty is paramount, this is apart from his courage, strength, and his wisdom.The Chinese character for loyalty [ CHU] in Japanese depicts an arrow going through the center of a target over the radical for heart and mind. In Japanese it is total commitment of the heart – mind to a person or thing. In Japanese [ CHU] , loyalty has another pronunciation Magakoro, or sincerity, or a condition of words becoming facts. Sincerity and loyalty define a Samurai, Warrior or Gentleman. Only those under heaven who are absolutely sincere can develop their nature to the fullest. Therefor the Samurai. And Gentlemen place great store in SINCERITY. This leads one on to completion and correctness in harmony with the way. There exists this passage from the Hagakure. ‘ He who is sincere hits the mark without effort and grasps the situation without thinking. An army with even a small number of true Samurai can achieve heroic and astonishing results in battle.

Rulers should also possess a corresponding wisdom and sincerity. For Rulers their outward nature should reflect dignity in a paucity of words. There is dignity. There is dignity in a calm aspect. There is dignity In flawlessness of manners. There is dignity in Solemn behavior .There is dignity in deep insight and a clear perspective. These are all reflected on the surface, but in the end their foundation is simplicity of thought and tautness of spirit. For leaders and warriors alike ` There is something to be learned from a rainstorm. When meeting with a sudden shower, you try not to get wet, and run quickly along the road. But doing such things as passing under the eves of houses you will still get wet. When you are Resolved from the beginning you will not be perplexed, though you still get the same soaking. This understanding extends to everything, including war. Having been resolved beforehand. A warrior must also be resolved to outstrip all others on the battlefield. If one wills himself to defeat warriors of accomplishment , and strike down a powerful enemy, he will grow indefatigable and will grow fierce of heart, and will manifest courage.

In the Hagakure exists this passage ` Calculating people are contemptible. The reason for this is that calculation deals with loss and gain, and the loss and gain mind never stops. Death is considered loss and life is considered gain. Thus, death is something that such a person does not care for, and he is contemptible. For a Samurai this sentiment is immeasurably worse. Furthermore, scholars and the like are men who with words and speech hide their own true cowardice and greed. People often misjudge this.’

In war if a Samurai uses discrimination he will fall behind In war a Samurai must become desperate in the way. When a Samurai’s attitude on courage is fixed in his heart,and when his resolution is firm ,when the time comes he will naturally be able to choose the right move on impulse. This will be manifested in ones conduct and speech according to the occasion.

Samurai and warriors who naturally have a tendency towards bravery were and are for the most part today Rowdies. Out often running amok their vitality was strong and they were brave. In war this type of warrior is indispensable .

Uesugi Kenishin said ` I never knew about winning from the beginning to the end, but only about not being behind in a situation. In each and every instance ones function or responsiveness will not be shallow if he is not behind.’’ This is important for commanders to stress in their men. Lord Aki also noted. ` Martial valor is a matter of becoming a fanatic. ‘

A true Samurai must also be disciplined. Narutomi Hyogo said `What is called winning is defeating ones allies; defeating ones allies is defeating oneself , and defeating oneself is vigorously overcoming ones own body. It is as though a man were in the midst of ten thousand allies, but not a one was following him. If one has not previously mastered his mind and body, he will not defeat the enemy. Yamamoto Gin Amon said about his warriors ` Go ahead and gamble and lie .’ Sagara Kyuma also excused retainers who had committed theft and adultery and trained them gradually , he said` If it were not for such persons, we would have no useful men at all. Yamamoto Gin Amon also said ` Walk with a real man for one hundred yards and he will tell you seven lies ‘ It is best to have an army filled with such men. If a Samurai will simply think of what he has to do for the day at hand he will be able to do anything. It’s just a simple days work, tomorrow also is just one day. Before an attack wait for the right moment, and in the waiting one will not forget the attack.Lord Aki declared ` On the battlefield once discrimination starts it cannot be stoped, one will not break through to the enemy with discrimination . Indiscrimination is most important when confronting the tiger in his den’’. At the moment of truth tactics are of little use.It has been said that the principles of the art of war is simply to lay down ones life and strike.

Defeating one opponent is a matter of faith and destiny. A Samurai must have a true mind, simple and without complication. Unattached to life and death. Samurai who died well at the time of their death were men of real bravery, while those who became agitated at the time of their death were known not to have true bravery.

For Rulers, well developed intuition is of great benefit . To be able to correctly gauge the temperament of the enemy, and intuit his next moves. This can be potentially more effective than a propensity of intelligence . In war all other forms of human endeavor shrink to insignificance. War is always a gamble. So it is best to posses a full range of understanding on the matter. A Ruler uses his understanding of DOCTRINE, STRATEGY, and TACTICS, with his existing troops to knit together an effective successful fighting force.

Wars are won in surprise moves. In preparations for such surprise moves stealth is paramount. Yamamoto Gin Amon said` Tether even a roasted chicken , and wrap your intentions in needles of pine’’. In war there are times when a warrior must become irrational and half mad to be able to punch right through without regard for anything else.Yamamoto Gin Amon also said ` Outside the skin of a tiger, inside the Hyde of a dog.’’

LUCK and KARMA have much to do with victory and defeat.

Giri And The Heart Of Samurai

Lord Naoshige once said,‘‘ There is nothing felt quite so deeply as Giri. There are times when someone like a cousin dies and it is not a matter of shedding tears. But we may hear of someone who lived fifty or one hundred years ago , of whom we know nothing, and has no family ties with us whatsoever, and yet from a sense of Giri shed tears.’’ A Certain warrior noted, ‘‘ It seems strange that with the deaths of members of my family, at no occasion did feelings arouse in me tears, but when viewing the image of a great mystic master I would without fail shed tears. many times upon seeing special children of vulnerability and innocence I am overtaken by a sense of Giri and shed tears. It’s as if something has pierced the heart.

When a Samurai is asked ‘‘ As a human being , what is essential in terms of purpose and discipline , it is to become of the mind that is right now, pure and lacking in complication. Everywhere today people seem dejected. A Samurai’s mind is pure and uncomplicated, his expression is lively. When dealing in matters of human relationships a Samurai’s heart is at the fore. Loyalty, filial piety, dedication to family, bravery, and something that can be used by the whole world. This is difficult to discover, and once discovered is difficult to keep in constant effect. Truly no thing is outside of the immediate moment.

In the Hagakure exists this passage ‘‘ If everyone were in accord and left things to providence their hearts would be at ease. If they are not in accord, though they would do acts of righteousness they lack loyalty. To be at odds with ones companions , to be prone to speak only cantankerous words—- all come from a shallow foolishness of mind. One should always greet people cordially at all times and without distraction, and in a way where one will not seem bored, lies and insincerity are unbecoming. This is because they are for self profit. If one will do things for the benefit of others , and meet even those he has met often before on a first time manner he will have no bad relationships. Manners between husband and wife are no different. If one is as discreet in the end as he is in the beginning there should be no discord.’’ A certain priest once said; ‘‘ Meeting with people should be a matter of quickly grasping their temperament and reacting appropriately to this person or that. Especially to an extremely argumentative person, after yielding considerably one should argue him down with superior logic, but without sounding harsh, and in a fashion that will allow no resentment to be left afterward.’’ This is a function of both Heart and words. The Heart of a virtuasperson has settled down and he does not rush about at things. A person of little merit is not at peace but walks about making trouble and is in conflict with all. ‘‘ Feeling deeply the difference between oneself and others, bearing ill will and falling out with people—— these things come from a heart that lacks compassion. If one wraps up everything with a heart of compassion, there will be no coming into conflict with people. If your strength is only that of virility, your words and personal conduct may appear to be in accord with the way, and you may be praised by others, but when questioning oneself about this, there will be no answer. The last line of the poem that goes; ‘‘ When your own Heart asks’’ , Is appropriate and said to be a good sensor .

When Lord Katsushige was young he was instructed by his father Lord Naoshige for practice in cutting, executing some men who had been condemned to death. Thus in the place of execution Ten men were lined up, and Katsushige continued to decapitate one after another until he had executed nine of them. When he came to the tenth he found that the man was young and healthy and said, I’m tired of cutting now, I’l spare this mans life. And the man’s life was saved . In regard to executions some may say that they have no merit, or that it is a crime, or that it is defiling ,these are only excuses coupled with extreme negligence. If one investigates into the spirit of a man who finds these things disagreeable , one sees that this person gives himself over to cleverness and excuse making not to kill because he feels unnerved . Lord Naoshige made it his orders because this is something that must be done. This reluctance to except executions has nothing to do with the Heart, it has to do with cowardice .

‘‘ Once when the priest Ungo of Shushima was passing through the mountains at night, he was set upon by bandits , Ungo said;‘‘ I am a man of this area, not a pilgrim , I have no money at all, but you can have these clothes if you like, please spare my life.’’ Well our efforts have been in vain, we don’t need anything like clothes, and passed on. They had gone about two hundred yards when Ungo turned back and called to them; ‘‘ I have broken the commandment against lying. In my confusion I forgot that I had one piece of silver in my moneybag, I am truly regretful , I said that I had nothing at all, I have it here now, so please take it.’’ The mountain bandits were deeply impressed, cut off their hair right there and became his disciples . At the time of a deliberation concerning criminals, Nakano Kazuma proposed making the punishment one degree lighter than what would be appropriate . This was a treasury of wisdom that only he was the possessor of. At that time, though there were several men in attendance , if it had not been for Kazuma alone, no one would have opened his mouth. For this reason he is called Master Commencement and Master Twenty five Days. True wisdom is always connected to the Heart.


Matsuguma Kyushu told this story.‘‘In the practice of medicine is a diferenciación of treatment according to the Yen and Yang of man and woman. There is also a difference in pulse. In the last 50 years , however, men’s pulse has become the same as woman’s . on Noticing this in the treatment of eye desease I applied woman’s treatment to men and found it suitable . When I observe the application of men’s treatment to men , there was no result. Thus I knew that men’s spirit had weakened and that they had become the same as woman, and the end of the world had come. Since I witnessed this with certainty I kept it a secret .When looking at the men of today with this in mind, those who could be thought to have a woman’s pulse are many and those who seem like real men are few. Because of this, if one were to make a little effort , he might be able to take the upper hand quite easily . Today men live by talk and words, ever unwilling to do hard physical work, prudent and clever at making excuses . Know woman but keep man is advice for the ages.

The harmony of Yin and Yang is natural. The loss of this regulating harmony creates a cause and effect within society. Misdirection and a downward slide are the results. Many men have turned their backs on manhood, while women have also shunned motherhood. Humanity , along with its machines and technology is playing its part in the downgrading of the natural world, also having its effect on humanity in a myriad of ways, from changes in the family, all the way up and down society in ways that also degrade and weaken human beings , and move people further from living and closer to surviving.

Yamamoto Sunitomo once said ‘‘Illnesses and the like become serious because of ones feelings.I was born when my father was 71 years old, and was hence a rather sickly child. But because I have had a great desire to be of use in old age, When the chance came I improved my health, and haven’t been sick since’’. Tzu Chan was on the point of death when someone asked him how to govern the country. He replied ‘’ There is nothing that surpasses ruling with benevolence . However, to put into practice enough benevolence to correctly rule the country is difficult . To do this lukewarmly will result in neglect. If governing with benevolence is difficult, then it is best to govern strictly . To govern strictly , means to be strict before things have arisen, and to do things in such a way that evil will not arise . To be strict after evil has arisen is like laying a snare. There are few people who will make mistakes with fire after having once been burned. Of people who regard water lightly, many have been drowned.’’

The I. CHING or book of changes is not for divination . As many in the past have assumed , but rather how one thing changes into another. When Yamamoto Gorozae went to Edo to see the zen priest Tetsuoyu for instruction he was told that Buddhism removes the discriminating mind . Tetsuoyu proposed to give him an illustration in terms of the warrior. In the I CHING the character for meaning is added to the character for mind . Now meaning is discrimination, and when a man attaches discrimination to his true mind he becomes a coward. For a Samurai his mind must be pure and simple , mindless in discrimination . Virility is also contained within this lack of mental discrimination. The mind itself is but a tool, but can be an adversary , as well as an enemy.

If a warrior is not unattached to life and death, he will be of no use whatsoever. A warrior must be absolutely unattached to life and death and mindless on this. This type of warrior can accomplish any feat. Martial arts and the like are related to this insofar as they can lead to the way. Nakano Jin Amon also said ‘‘ Learning such things as military tactics is useless. If one does not strike out by simply closing ones eyes and rushing into the enemy, even if it is only one step. He will be of no use. ‘’ Virility is harmonious with the natural. A warrior must be resolute and determined, mindless in breaking right through to completion . What destiny the future holds is Karmic.

The Mystic Warrior

Tagagi Akifusa was a warrior of matchless valor and a dangerous swordsman. He turned against the Ryuzo clan , appealing to Maeda Iyo no Kami Lesada for shelter, which was given to him. Akifusa had two retainers, Ingazaemon and Fudozaemon , who never left his side day or night, stalwarts inferior in no way. Thus it came to pass that Lord Takanobu sent a request to Lesada to kill Akifusa . As it happened Akifusa was having his feet washed by Ingazaemon on the veranda. At one moment Lesada ran up behind him and struck off his head. Before his head fell he drew his short sword and turned to strike , but instead cut off the head of Ingazaemon, the two heads fell into the wash basin together. Akifusas head then rose into the midst of all present. This was the sort of magic technique that he had.

In the military writings of Yui Shosetsu , on “ The way of the three ultimates”, exists a passage on the way of Karma. A certain Samurai received these teachings, and about eighteen other verses on the greater and lesser bravery. He neither memorized them or wrote them down, but forgot them all together .Then when facing real situations he acted on impulse, and everything that he had learned became wisdom of his own. This is the mystical nature of Karma.

Mysticism is also contained within simple practical actions. Putting spittle on ones earlobe and exhaling through the nose one will overcome Anything at hand, and when feeling a strong rushing of blood to the head , put spittle on the upper part of the ear, and it will soon subside. The Yoshida school of archery’s secret principal was in swallowing ones spittle before shooting. To calm the mind, or when one becomes angry , swallowing your spittle is also effective. These are secret matters.

When a Samurai’s resolution and determination reach a certain level they become mystical in nature, and can move heaven and earth. The way of the Samurai and Zen Buddhism have long had a symbiotic relationship. The Samurai’s strength is imparted to the Buddhists , and the Buddhist’s compassion is likewise given to the Samurai. The priest Daigu of Sanshu was making a sick call to a certain person, and when he arrived he found that the man had already died. After admonishing the doctor present, the the doctor became angry and challenged the priest to bring the man back to life, otherwise the doctor said “ Buddhism is useless “. Put out by this and feeling that it would be unpardonable for a blemish to be put on Buddhism, he replied, “I will indeed show you how to bring his life back by prayer.” He then set his heart right by the Buddhist law, sharpened a short sword , and being resolved that if the man was not brought back to life, he would cut his stomach open and die embracing the corpse . He then sat in meditation next to the corpse. Soon the dead man began to breath, and then completely revived. He lived on for another half year.The famous priest Tannen knew of this. Resolution, determination , desperation to break right through to completion can create “Miracles .”

In the Kayagunkan, one warrior said to another “ When facing the enemy I feel as though I have entered darkness , because of this I get heavily wounded. Although you have fought with many famous men you have never been wounded, why is that? The other warrior answered, “ When I am facing the enemy, of course it is like being in the dark, but if at that time I tranquilize my , it becomes like a night lit by a pale moon. If I begin my attack from that point I feel as though I will not be wounded. This is the situación at the moment of truth. A warrior who simply wishes not to be struck by the weapons of the enemy, will have no devine protection , but rather a warrior who wishes only to be hit by a warrior of fame, not a common soldier, he will be protected. When determining the strength or weakness of the enemy or an adversary , if his head is cast down , he will appear black and is strong,if he is looking upward he will appear white and is weak.”

For a Samurai nothing must be considered as impossible. Moving heaven and earth without effort is simply a matter of concentration . To think that you cannot achieve greatness as the masters of old did, you will soon be on that path. Without absolute faith in oneself , one cannot be a Samurai. A Samurai’s mind must be pure and uncomplicated . Lord Sanenori said “ In the midst of a single breath where perversity can not be held, is the way.” This purity and simplicity of mind can only be attained by piling effort upon effort!

A certain swordsman noted: “ In ones life there are levels in the pursuit of study; In the first , one studies but nothing comes of it, and he sees himself and others as unskillful , at this point he is useless. In the middle stage he is aware of his and others uselessness. In the next level he has pride in his ability, accepts praise from others, and looks down on his fellows, he has some worth. In the next level, the warrior has the look of knowing nothing. In the highest and transcending level a Samurai is aware of the endlessness of entering into deeply a certain way, and never thinks of himself as having finished. Knowing his own insufficiencies he never feels that he has succeeded , by self a basement and no thought of pride he is one with the way. Throughout his whole life he advances daily, becoming more skillful than yesterday, more skillful than today,this is never ending . A part of a Samurai’s training is also a matter of not defeating others, rather in defeating oneself . The way of the Samurai is also within desperation. Common sense and discrimination will not accomplish great things. To break right through to completion requires that a Samurai is resolute, determined, and desperate. Lord Naoshige said.” Ten men or more cannot kill such a man.” The power and mystery within a true Samurai is incalculable .

The Way of Death

The way of the Samurai is cloaked in death. The natural way of a Samurai is to consider himself as already dead. By setting his heart right every morning and every evening his resolve will be firm, if one will do it it, it can be done. With this he gains freedom in the way, his whole life will be without blame and he will succeed in his calling. When it comes to living or dying there is only the quick choice of death. A Samurai must be determined and advance even if he is unable to attain his ends,it is not necessary ,for not attaining ones ends and continuing to live is cowardice. Even if it is considered a dog’s death and fanaticism there is no shame in this. This is the substance of the way of the Samurai. For a Samurai the end is as important as the beginning. When Lord Sama’s castle suddenly caught fire and was burning to the ground,addressing his retainers he said ‘’ I feel no regrets about the house and all its furnishings, they can all be replaced later on, I only regret that I did not take out the family genealogy , which is my families most precious treasure. There was one Samurai in attendance who said ‘’ I will go in and take it out ‘’. Lord Soma and the others all laughed and said , how are you going to take it out, the house is already engulfed in flames ? He replied “ I have never been of much use to the master. But I have always been resolved to someday be of use to him, this seems to be the time. “. And he leapt into the flameS. After the fire had been extinguished the master asked them to look for his remains. Looking everywhere , they found his burnt corpse in the garden adjacent to the living quarters, when they turned him over blood flowed out of his stomach , he had cut open his stomach and placed the genealogy inside and it was not damaged at all. From that time on it was known as the “ Blood Genealogy”. Breaking right through to completion without regard for ones own life is within the way of the Samurai.. The way of the Samurai is simply in forcing ones way into a place and being cut down, because by considering how many there are, and how best to complete the job, time will run out , and in the end you will give up. E ven if the enemy numbers are in the thousands fulfillment lies in simply standing them off , and being determined to cut them all down. Starting from one end you will finish the greater part of it. For when the moment arrives there will be no time for reasoning, and without prior resolution there will most likely be shame. In matters of action discernment soon spoils. In looking at the matter completely and knowing that what will happen next is unknown , and that victory and defeat are matters within the temporary force of circumstances, a real Samurai does not think of victory or defeat, he plunges recklessly towards an inevitable even irracional death. By doing this, you will awaken from your dream.

On Losing

Lord Naoshige, speaking to his grandson Lord Motoshige, explained how; No matter if one is of high or low class or rank, a family line is one that will decline when its time has come. If one tries to keep it from ending at that time it will become unseemly and squalid. If one sees that the time has come, it is best to let it go down with good grace. Doing this he may even cause it to be maintained.
Once ten blind masseuses were traveling together in the mountains, when they began to pass a high presapass ,thier bodies began to shake and terror overtook them, just then the lead man stumbled and fell off the cliff; they all wailed, how pitios, but the fallen man quickly yelled back, I’m fine, if you all wish to be at ease, fall quickly.
In all things, when one has lost, lose quickly. This is truly within harmony. If one acquiesces after losing, with this the losers sincerity and nobility are also revealed.