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Matsuguma Kyushu told this story.‘‘In the practice of medicine is a diferenciación of treatment according to the Yen and Yang of man and woman. There is also a difference in pulse. In the last 50 years , however, men’s pulse has become the same as woman’s . on Noticing this in the treatment of eyeContinue reading “Virility”

The Mystic Warrior

Tagagi Akifusa was a warrior of matchless valor and a dangerous swordsman. He turned against the Ryuzo clan , appealing to Maeda Iyo no Kami Lesada for shelter, which was given to him. Akifusa had two retainers, Ingazaemon and Fudozaemon , who never left his side day or night, stalwarts inferior in no way. ThusContinue reading “The Mystic Warrior”

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