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The way

Sincerity is the ‘‘ way of Heaven’’ to make oneself sincere is the way of man. The Hagakure itself is the way of absolute sincerity. With the introduction of Zen to Japan, Samurai and warriors alike were attracted to it for its simplicity and lack of ceremony and discourse, with an emphasis on self reliance…


‘‘ Good Luck Man’’, was a Mystic, Herbalist, warrior , adviser to generals, teacher and healer. He was born in wan Quiyang county, Szechuan Provence in the year 1677. Literate and energetic at an early age, he was to meet several itinerant herbalists when he was thirteen years old. Impressed by them to the extent…


Koruga Nagamasa noted that ‘‘ The art of peace and the art of war are like the two wheels of a cart, which lacking one will have difficulty in standing. Myamoto Mushashi ,Japans most famous swordsman also excelled in painting , sculpture , garden design , metallurgy , and writing . The Hagakure dictated by…

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