Being Fierce

The natural aspect of the moment, after armies have been placed and directed becomes a practical matter for those in the field. Warriors must then be of one mind, defeating the enemy. In achieving this warriors must become fierce. In times when blood washes blood it becomes all important.

To achieve this state of Being, firstly one must be resolute in the giving up of ones life,feeling as though one is already dead. Being unattached to life or death. These attributes will propel a warrior onward, forcefully and with courage.

The correct application of Doctrine, Strategy, and Tactics by Rulers and commanders depends the stability of the force, its well being, and the moral of the men. Without proper planning and adept execution there can be no victory.

Once the battle has been joined never be content as a warrior to be less than an Elite fighter. This Elite persona gives inspiration to the larger force and will infect them with bravery. This can have a multiplying effect on overall operations , as has been seen in history.

Battles and wars cannot be won by defense alone. Defense may play a part in doctrine overall , as well as strategy, and at times in tactical considerations , but in the end victory can only be won through offensive action.

When the time comes a warrior should attack with absolute abandon, this naturally Being part of his persona. If this is not deeply rooted within a warriors Being one may forget at times, this is not authentic . This becomes negligence. Negligence is an extreme thing.

To die a dogs death and not attain onesends, to live after not achieving onesends in the end is cowardice.

Fierceness comes from a deep resolution that is born of the way of the Samurai, which is cloaked in death. To live life without regret, fearlessly doing what is needed to be done. Strength and bravery come from this. A warrior must have a true mind, clear and uncomplicated , for considering such things as how many men the enemy has, or is it possible to advance, time goes by and you will be slow or deterred from the attack. No matter if the enemy has thousands of men, there is fulfillment in simply standing them off, and being determined to cut them all down, you may well finish the better part of it. Even if it means forcing your way into their ranks , one against all.

A great warrior follows orders, but also has the ability to act indiscriminately and on his own. For when the moment comes there will be no time for reasoning. Not knowing what the future holds means that a warriors pre resolution concerning this must be a cornerstone of his temperament.

Victory and defeat is always dependent on a multitude of factors, including the temporary force of circumstances . Warriors should not think of victory or defeat , but plunge headlong into the battle with an unflinching ferocity, and if on the battlefield one wills himself to outstrip a powerful enemy or group of enemies , he will grow indefatigable and Fierce of Heart, and will manifest courage.


Common sense will not accomplish great things, one must become insane and desperate . A warrior must not say something fainthearted, even casually, he should set his mind to this beforehand. A stalwart warrior will not let others take the lead, but will have the sole intention of breaking into the enemy lines. In doing this he will never fall behind. He will become fierce and manifest martial valor. Lord Aki once said that martial valor is a matter of becoming a Fanatic .

According to the Elders of the Japanese Shogunate . In an attack a warrior should mark an enemy or group of enemies . Taking an enemy on the battlefield is like a hawk takes a bird. Even though it enters into the midst of a thousand of them, it gives no attention to any bird , other than the one that it had first marked. Moreover what a Kazuki no Kubi is, is a head that one has taken after making the declaration . I will take that warrior wearing such and such armor .

In the notes on MArtialLAWS it is written the phrase ,. Win First, Fight later. This is the Ideal of winning beforehand. The resources of times of peace are the military preparations for times of war. With five hundred allies one can defeat an enemy force of ten thousand. These preparations are the sole responsibility of Rulers and commanders.

When advancing on the enemy and then pulling back, don’t retreat on the main road, but on the side roads. It is a matter of course that a warriors attitude should be to be in the vanguard during an attack, and in the rear during a retreat. A saying goes , No matter what the circumstances might be , one should be holding the first weapon to strike. Even though you have put your life on the line, there is nothing to be done when the situation does not go as planned.

Something exists within a true warriors Being, deep and personal , a mystical place , unchanging , a reservoir of Resolve and Strength . This power cannot be received from others or given to others.

A story by Murkama illustrates this principle perfectly . In the secret principles of Yagyu Tajima no kami Mununori there is this saying, There are no military tactics for a man of strength. In regards to this there was once a certain vassal of the Shogun who came to master Yagyu to become a disciple . The Master said You seem to be a man who is very accomplished in some school of martial arts, let me make the master disciple contract after I learn the name of the school. The man replied that he had never practiced one of the martial arts. Master Yagyu replied , Have you come to make sport of Tajima no Kami. Is my perception amiss in thinking that you are a teacher to the Shogun. But the man swore to it , and the Master said, that being so, do you not have some deep conviction. The man replied , when I was a child, I once became suddenly aware that a warrior is a man that does not hold his life in REGRET, and I have no thought of death, other than being unattached to life or death, since I have held that in my heart for many years, it has become a deep conviction. Master Yagyu was deeply impressed . My perceptions were not in the least bit awry. The deepest principles of my military tactics is just that one thing. Up until now , among all of the many hundreds of disciples I have had, there is not one who is licensed in this deepest principle . It is not necessary to take up the wooden sword . I will initiate you right now . It is said that he promptly handed over the signed scroll. This principle is a fundamental part of a warriors Being.

From just refusing to retreat from something , one gains the strength of two men..


Stamp quickly and pass through a wall of Iron, to quickly break in and stamp through directly is the first step in celerity.

For a warrior the end of things is important. As Usuda Ukuo said about offering up the last wine cup, . Only the end of things is important, ones whole life should be like that.

Empty handed we come , Empty handed we go

A certain warrior noted , Live without REGRET , Die without REGRET.

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