On Losing

Lord Naoshige, speaking to his grandson Lord Motoshige, explained how; No matter if one is of high or low class or rank, a family line is one that will decline when its time has come. If one tries to keep it from ending at that time it will become unseemly and squalid. If one sees that the time has come, it is best to let it go down with good grace. Doing this he may even cause it to be maintained.
Once ten blind masseuses were traveling together in the mountains, when they began to pass a high presapass ,thier bodies began to shake and terror overtook them, just then the lead man stumbled and fell off the cliff; they all wailed, how pitios, but the fallen man quickly yelled back, I’m fine, if you all wish to be at ease, fall quickly.
In all things, when one has lost, lose quickly. This is truly within harmony. If one acquiesces after losing, with this the losers sincerity and nobility are also revealed.

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