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In Zen the Sense of self hinders true freedom, fixated by self as a distinct entity , we separate ourselves from our environment and others. Ego and selfishness are the bi products. The self on one side, the world and Universe on the other. The ego and the untrue complicated mind work together to conjure up and maintain this apparition of ego. Evil springs from falsehood . Return to the ancient Tao, stick with what is natural.

‘‘ Feeling deeply the difference between oneself and othere’s, bearing ill will , and falling out with people, these things come from a heart that lacks compassion.’’. This is egotistical and leads to Evil.

‘‘ If you wrap up everything with a heart of compassion there will be no coming into conflict with people.’’. By keeping one with the way evil cannot thrive.

‘‘ Because we do things using our own sagacity , we become self interested , turn our backs on reason, and things do not turn out well. When one is not capable of true intelligence it is best to consult with someone of good sense . An adviser will fulfill this when the adviser makes a decision by selfless and frank intelligence, and because he is not personally envolved , matters should turn out well.

‘‘ We learn about the sayings and deeds of the men of old in order to Intrust oneself to their wisdom and prevent selfishness.’’

If you are too mindful you will be slow. The complicated mind and the ego are comparable . When we through off our own bias, follow the sayings of the ancients , and confer with other people, all things should go without mishap.

Today people who are called clever, intellectuals , pundits and the like only deceive others, for that reason they are inferior to dull. Whited folk. A dull whited person is direct. If one looks deeply into his heart there will be no hidden places. The last line of the poem that goes ‘‘ When your own heart asks’’. This is a good examiner. One should be of the mind that, meeting this examiner one should not be embarrassed .

‘‘ If one does not get it into his head from the beginning that the world is full of unseemly situations he will not be prepared. One should be resolved beforehand to deal with them without vexation. Correctness is important, for example,in a persons manners . Their way of speaking, the way they carry themselves, their appearance . Today as with the Samurai of old these traits were respected and admired.

‘‘ During happy times pride and extravagance are dangerous . If one is not prudent during ordinary times, he may advance during good times, but will falter during the bad. The right and wrong way of doing things is foundational . With a strong foundation a person will not be pained by changes in minor details or affairs that are not within expectations .but in the end the details of a matter are important . The Right and Wrong of ones way of doing things are found in trivial matters.’’

‘‘ A person who knows but a little will put on an air of knowledge . This is a matter of inexperience . When someone knows something well , it will not be seen in their manner. This person is Genteel .‘’.

Cleverness cannot accomplish great things. One must take a broader view. It will not do to make rash judgements concerning ‘‘. Good and Evil ‘’. In this regard, though, a Samurai must make his decisions quickly and break right through to completion.

In the BOOK OF CHANGES or I CHING , if one divinesgood fortune , and yet does evil it will become bad fortune., and although bad fortune is divined , if one does good it will become good fortune..


By setting myself to the task for many years, and in the end learning Change , I should make no mistakes. It’s not a matter of learning the I CHING , it means that by studying the essence of CHANGE , and conducting oneself for many years in the way of good, one should make no mistakes.

Heaven and Earth are impartial. They see the ten thousand things as straw dogs. The wise are impartial, they see the people as straw dogs. That which goes against the Tao , comes to an early end. Surrender yourself humbly, then you can be trusted to care for all things, love the world as you would your own self, then you can truly care for all things. See the simplicity. Realize ones true nature. Cast off selfishness. Temper desire

A truly great man dwells on what is real not what is on the surface .

The Sage has no mind of his own , he is aware of the needs of others. He is good to those who are good, He is aso good to those who are not good. Because virtue is goodness.

Créate without claiming. Do without taking credit. Guiding without interfering This is primal virtue.

Who knows what the future holds, honesty becomes dishonest, goodness becomes witchcraft , Man’s bewilderment lasts for a long time. The Sage never tries to store things up. The more he does for others the more he has. The more he gives to others the more his abundance. The tao of heaven is pointed, but does not harm. The way of the Sage is to work without effort. By doing nothing, everything is done, and nothing is left undone. Not Doing, or working without doing is little understood .

Being guided by Ego , Passion, and Selfishness how can one achieve freedom , oneness with the Way, and thwart Evil.

Fiodor Dostoyevsky , in many ways the soul of Russian literature.,wrote about real life as he knew it, relying on his own experience. Detailing a scene , often with topographical precision. In his novel ‘ The House of the Dead’’ , The hard labor and drudgery of life as a convict. The fatal strength of passion that can destroy a persons life, and the mysterious phenomena of Good and Evil which is so intwined in human nature. Russians were overwhelmed by this book.Soon after publication of this book , his wife and brother died in quick succession . The responsibility of supporting his brothers family soon drove him to poverty. Hr was desperate, living from hand to mouth, even pawning his cloths to survive. He began to write again. Out of desperation was born ‘‘ Crime and Punishment’’. The novel was a psychological study about people like himself, lonely,poor, unhappy outcasts in a large city. Along with an account of a murder, which is central to the story . His hero Raskoinikov , having been expelled from university, decides to solve his problems by robbing and killing an old lady, a money lender. He commits the crime as a philosophical experiment. He reflects , it was not the money I wanted, I needed to know something else , I needed to know, I needed to know if I was a man or a mere insect. I needed to know if I could take the money, weather I was an insect or not. When Raskoinikov leaves the old women’s house, he’s thinking ‘ I didn’t kill the old women, I killed myself,the old women was killed by the Devil, not by me. Raskoinikov is tortured and depressed with fear and loneliness by his dreadful secret and the knowledge that he has made a terrible mistake. He goes to the police station to make a confession. Gods truth has overwhelmed him. His next novel ‘ Gambler’’ was a story about evil passions that drained the life blood out of a person, leaving them empty. In his last novel ‘ The Brothers Karamazov , he returned to the theme of good and evil and the desintegración of family life, and disharmony in society. Using actual locations and people that he knew within the structure of the novel. The summer house where Dimiri Karamazov gave his famous monologue the mystery of good and evil itself. The wine bar , where Ivan Karamazov argued with the Devil about the impossibility of a harmonious world. Still Dostoyevsky was enlightened by the phenomena of selfless love.

BU the chinese character is composed of the radicals for ‘ Stop’’ and ‘ Spear’’. The definition being subduing the weapon and so stopping the spear. Providing peace and harmony. The second character SHI. Warrior , gentleman, well armed, well educated, accomplished,guardian of peace and harmony. The last character DO, BUSHIDO. The Way of the Samurai, and ancient Chinese warrior gentleman. Samurai, meaning service, service to humanity.

Never be outdone as a Samurai. Be of good use to the world. Be filial to ones parents. Remember ones ancestors Manifest great compassion. Beginning with family act for the sake of the world.

If every morning one dedicates these efforts to the heavens , he will gain the strength of two men, and will never slip backwards. One must inch forward like the inchworm, bit by bit. The Gods and Buddhas , too, started with a vow.

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