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‘‘ Good Luck Man’’, was a Mystic, Herbalist, warrior , adviser to generals, teacher and healer. He was born in wan Quiyang county, Szechuan Provence in the year 1677. Literate and energetic at an early age, he was to meet several itinerant herbalists when he was thirteen years old. Impressed by them to the extent that he decided to leave family and village to journey with them on a quest for herbs, a quest that was to last for a lifetime. His travels as a young herbalist led him to such far away places as Manchuria and Tibet. He traveled toGansha, Shanxi, even traveling to Viet Nam and Thailand. This personal gathering of herbs was to last for another eighty five years.

Li. Ching. Yuen , a great master herbalist and healer had many sides. Mystic and Philosopher, warrior and teacher. In his youth he traveled widely, gathering medicinal herbs and meeting with people. His simple and natural Taoist , even Shinto philosophy embodied the spirit of his teachings; ‘‘ keep a calm heart, Sit like a tortoise, Walk sprightly like a pigeon, Sleep like a dog’’.

His mystic practices such as BAGNAZHANG and DIGONG. Movement, breathing , sound, along with herbs that could impede the ravages of old age formed the foundations for his longevity practices. Li stressed thathis longevity was largely due to herbs and diet , and to his Performing these exercises everyday, regularly , correctly, with sincerity, for one hundred and twenty years.

The diet of Li consisted of Goji berries, wild Ginseng, He Shou Wu, Gota Kola, Sake,Lensi mushrooms, Reishi mushrooms, and many other mushrooms. Li was known to eat three large bowls of rice at a sitting, and Sake was his preferred drink. Everyday he would chew a piece of Ginseng root for one to two hours. ‘‘ Ren Chen tones and boosts the vital Q energy, increasing physical endurance, and resistance to environmental hardships . An aid in the prevention of desease, and bodily disintegration. Li‘s method was to chew a sliced portion of the Ginseng root.

Li Ching Yuen created an Elixir to aid in longevity.
He called it. ‘‘ SPRING WINE.’’ It consists of fourteen ingredients ; 1. Velvet of deer antler 25 gr. 2. Deer horn glue 25 gr. 3. Donkey hide glue 25 gr. 4. Chinese Angelica root 10 gr. 5. Chinese Fox Glove 25 gr. 6. Astragalus 12 gr. 7. Ren Shen —- Ginseng. 4 gr. 8. Privet fruit 10 gr. 9. Chinese Raspberry 4 gr. 10. Gougzi—- Goji berries 10 gr. 11. Mai Wa—- Sea Horse. Dried 10 gr. 12. Syo Wang — fresh stem of Cenomorium 10 gr. 13. Ge Jie — one piece of dried Gecko. 1gr. 14. Human Placinta 10 gr . These ingredients are to be soaked in a fine brandy or excellent vodka for a period of one year. Dosages are one small drink in the morning, slightly more in winter , less in summer.

Li Ching Yuen was a disciplined warrior of renown . At fifty one he entered military service. In 1748 when he was seventy one , he had risen to become tactical and topographical adviser to the Army of Gen. Yu Zhongai in Hsien. He finally retired from the army in 1755 after fighting in the battle of ‘‘ Golden River’ Li had a long relationship with generals and war lords.

One of Li Ching Yuen’s disciples Tayquon Master Da Liu recounted a story that the master had told him as a youth, when his master was one hundred and thirty years old. While traveling in the mountains Li had encountered a much older Hermit , who had revealed to him the secret of Baguazhong , and Digong practice to renew and maintain life force. Li Ching Yuen had between one hundred and eighty to two hundred offspring spanning 11 generations. He was to outlive 22 of his 23 wives.

‘‘ Good Luck Man ‘’ was constantly being sought after by those who wished to learn his secrets. He shunned public life, and felt that fame and worldly fortune would lead to an early death. Although he was given official congratulations on his 150 th birthday in 1827 by Emperor Daogu Angi , and again on his 200th birthday, by the Emperor Guang Xu in 1877, he continued to avoid public attention .

In 1908 Li and his disciple Yang Hexuan published a book, entitled ‘‘ THE SECRET OF LI QUING YUN’S IMMORTALITY’’. In 1920 General Xiong Yanghe interviewed Li at his invitation . It so happened that the two men were of the same village, Chingiachang.,Szechuan Provence . An article on the interview was published byNanjing university that same year. In 1926 the warlord Wu Peifu invited Li to Beijing , coinciding with an invitation to teach at Beijing university. In 1927 ‘’ good Luck Man’’ , arrived at Nauxian, the headquarters of Gen. Yang Sen, a powerful general under Generalísimo Ghiang Kai Shek. Gen. Sen was eager to learn his secrets, youthfulness , strength, and sexual prowess . The general wrote a biography of LI ‘‘ A factual account of the 250 year old man, ‘‘ Good Luck Man’’. After attending a banquet held in his honor in may 1933 ,he told his friends I have completed all that I have to do on this earth ,now I’m going home. He was said to have leaned back with a smile , and was gone . Mystic and Healer, a giver of great secrets. We should be grateful for his concern.

Lord Leyasu always said ‘’ I envite you to taste the Inexhaustible ‘’. A certain warrior noted ‘‘ To taste the inexhaustible is like touching Immortality ‘’ .‘‘ Not to borrow the strength of another, not to rely on ones own strength ,to cut off all past and future thoughts , and not to live within the everyday mind,,,,,,,, then the great way is right before your eyes’’. In all great undertakings struggle is there, effort heaped upon effort. Shioa kicim Osuke said , A mans life should be as toilsome as possible.

Patience is close to success .’’ By being impatient matters are damaged and great works cannot be done. If one considers something not to be a matter of time,it will be done surprisingly. Quickly. Times change, think about the world 15 years from now. It will be rather different. In 15 years most all of the useful men will be gone, and even if men who are young today come forth probably less than half will make it. With these changing times, and the wainingof mans capabilities , one would be of suitable worth even if he put forth only slight effort. But at this time, when the world is sliding into decline, to excel is easy. ‘’ Something like 15 years is likethe space of a dream. If a person but takes care of their health in the end they will have accomplished their purpose, and will be a valuable person.

If in ones heart He follows the path of sincerity, Though he does not pray. Will not the Gods protect him. . As everything in the world is a Sham. . Death is the only sincerity

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