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The Way 0f Ruling

True generosity is in itself compassion, with true compassion all people are to be cared for. The true heart of a Ruler must be unlimited in its breadth and depth. Wisdom and courage come from this unlimited compassion. To act with compassion ensures the act will be limitless i n its strength and correctness. Selfish acts are mean and egotistical, leading to evil. Lord Layasu said ‘’ The foundations for ruling the country in peace is compassion, for when one thinks of the people as being his children, the people will think of him as their parent, the result being the harmonious heart of a parent child relationship. In society fault finders will be punished by others. A true Ruler rules with the maxim ‘’ Principal above Reason ‘’. Lord Leyasu also invited us to ‘’ Taste the inexhaustible ‘’ .If the heart of a Ruler is truly compassionate , strength will already have been there,, and great wisdom will be present.. Superior rulers are of this type.

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